Still Here

Still Here

About the Book:

Alix, arrogant, middle-aged and angry comes home to the derelict port of Liverpool as her mother lies dying. Irritably resigned to living alone for the rest of her life she suddenly finds herself erotically attracted to a stranger. Joseph is an American architect who has come to the city to build a hotel. Refusing to accept that his wife has left him or the trauma of a war he once fought in, the question is whether these survivors of the battles of the Seventies are meant for each other or not. And what happened to a factory in Dresden which long ago made the perfect face cream …

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Published by Virago
Paperback | ISBN: 9781844086207 | RRP: £7.99

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‘It is only reasonable to expect another bold, intelligent novel from Linda Grant. Still Here does not disappoint … Grant’s characters talk big, think big, have high expectations of life and of themselves … Perhaps her most accessible novel to date. Although often painful, Still Here is also very life affirming. Grant’s prose is blunt, honest, yet often beautiful and bitingly funny. Equally comfortable discussing concepts of justice and grooming routines, the voices Grant creates are striking and authentic. Her characters are irascible, witty, fierce, and full of the contracdictions and blind spots that make them wholly human. This is a compelling and satisfying novel’
– Rachel Seiffert, Waterstone’s Books Quarterly

‘It is the slow-burning affair between Alix and Joseph that makes Still Here so memorable. Grant’s achievement is to create a couple who have the wisdom to understand that love at first sight means little – it’s where you are on the last page that really matters.’
– Stephen Amidon, The Guardian

‘In her third novel, Linda Grant returns to some familiar themes: old age, Liverpool, post-war Jewish experience. But in this sprawling, complex narrative she combines these elements with a new, moving subtlety.’
– Nadia Valman, Jewish Chronicle

‘A novel about finding love and facing age, Still Here is hopeful in a serious, mature and realistic way, and that is a rare thing, not least because it requires a subtlety of touch few writers have.’
– Carol Birch, Times Literary Supplement

‘Her play with depths and surfaces clearly resonates with the spirit of the age. She is preoccupied with the history of emigration which goes to the heart of the 20th century and also is something entirely intimate.’
– Brian Chayette, The Independent

‘… a fascinating, starkly intelligent novel … Alix is a brilliantly immediate character, oozing thwarted fury and sensuality.’
– Maggie O’Farrell, Independent on Sunday

‘The strength of Grant’s writing lies in its stamina and trenchant perceptions.’
– Helen Dunmore, The Times

‘Tough, lusty and resolutely unreconstructed [Alix] is a strikingly memorable creation.’
Harpers and Queen

‘Grant artfully weaves world history with personal pasts, an intellect with emotion in this riveting novel.’
Sainsbury’s Magazine

‘As a title, Still Here is defiant, rather than resigned. The book through which it resonates, although deriving much of its energy from anger and confrontation, is optimistic without being in the least sentimental.’
– Peter Parker, Sunday Times

‘Grant’s real talent is that she can guide you through a city, somebody’s history or a highly emotional scene . . . with the same meticulous care her heroine uses to paint her face.’
– Katie Grant, The Spectator

‘Liverpool would do well to hand Grant the freedom of the city, for Still Here is a major achievement. It has wisdom and good sense, passages of extraordinary imaginative vigour and a vast canvas of history and personality within its range. If this isn’t a contender for next year’s Booker, the world needs waking up. Stride on, Linda, stride on.’
– Morgan Falconer, Ham and High